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KVS Group is promoted by Mr. K. Prakash, a first generation entrepreneur and industrialist having wide experience in running and turning around sick garment units. Mr Prakash started his professional career in India. Subsequently, he moved to Indonesia in 1998 and joined a garment manufacturing Unit, rising to position of CEO and President Director. At the time of his taking over as CEO, the Company was running in losses and had piled up large liabilities to banks/suppliers. Under his leadership, the production grew from $ 4 million/annum to $ 45 million/annum in 5 years and the Company became one of the leading and reputed garment manufacturers for bottoms in Indonesia. Encouraged by the success of managing the turn-around of a sick garment Company, Mr Prakash decided on taking-over a sick garment Company and formed KVS Group. In the year 2011 the Group took over a sick garment manufacturing Co., PT Muara Krakatau (MK). With a new management team and bold initiatives, the unit was turned around quickly and became profitable. Subsequently, in March 2012, he took over one more sick garment Co., under bankruptcy liquidation, PT. Muara Griha Lestari (MGL) and turned around the Co. within 6 months. In 2013, the Group took over an industrial shed in Central Java and set up a garment manufacturing and exporting factory. In 2014, he took over an industrial laundry in Central Java. In a short period of 3 years, the Group has grown rapidly and achieved turnover in excess of USD 35 mio. in 2014.

2.Various Units of KVS Group- Manufacturing Facilities and other units
A) PT Muara Krakatau (MK I) :
The factory, located in Bogor, is having 500 machines and is now operating at $ 1 million/ month and is earning steady profits.
B) PT Muara Krakatau (MK II) :
The factory, located in Salatiga in Central Java, has installed 750 machines and is installing 500 more machines. Its current turnover is about $ 1.2 million/ month which is expected to go up when all machines are installed.
C) PT Muara Griya Lestari (MGL):
MGL has a complement of 1,200 machines is now operating at more than $ 1.25 million/ month and is earning steady profits.
D) CV Atlas Indonusa. In February 2014, the Group acquired an industrial laundry in Central Java. The facility now operates for washing of export garments on job work basis for other garment manufacturers in Central Java and also for export garments manufactured by KVS Group factories. It is not financed by any Bank.
E) SKS Industries is a marketing / sourcing Co. of KVS Group, located in Hongkong. It was set up in 2011 and achieved turnover exceeding HK$ 120 mio in 2014.
F) KVS Apparel LLc is marketing Co. of KVS Group, located in USA. It was set up in 2011 and achieved turnover exceeding US$ mio in 2014.

3. Expansion Plans
The Group has drawn up comprehensive plans for sustained expansion of its manufacturing facilities etc. As part of its expansion plans, KVS Group is setting up a new garment manufacturing and exporting facility (Unit IV) to expand its capacity for garment manufacturing and export. It proposes to purchase land and construct the shed etc. to set up an export oriented garment manufacturing unit in Central Java. The main strategy in setting up a new factory in Central Java is geographical diversification of Group’s manufacturing base to mitigate geographical concentration risk by reducing exposure to locations in Western Java. The favourable locational advantages of 4th manufacturing Unit of KVS Group gives it a strong competitive edge, in line with the advantages enjoyed by its existing manufacturing facilities.

4. Salient features of the garment manufacturing facilities of KVS Group
KVS Group enjoys unique good competitive advantages in all its manufacturing facilities. All its existing factories are very well located on main roads and well connected to seaports, with a large pool of trained and experienced workers available in the area. They have a good complement of machines and these are modernized/ upgraded regularly to keep pace with the technological advancements. There is an excellent complement of trained and experienced management functionaries for production, finance, marketing etc. In marketing, the Companies enjoys a excellent relationships with several renowned and well established brand names, primarily in USA. The Group has built up good relationships with suppliers etc, and its proactive and socially responsible approach with the workers has resulted in high productivity and good quality of the products. The Group is committed to lean manufacturing and green energy policies. The Group has earned the reputation of a highly professional, dependable and quality manufacturer and exporter of garments.

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